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Service Description

Winterize your powersports

Get your machine ready for the cold months!

Winterization is one of the most important services you can give your vehicle. The changing season means annual maintenance is needed to get the most life out of your vehicle. Services such as oil changes, visibility, battery checks, and others are crucial to proper winterization. These services ensure many things, including preventing oil from becoming too thick due to lower tempuratures causing excessive engine wear and tear, having the right winter windshield wipers, making sure your current battery is ready for more difficult starts in the harsh cold, and more.

Let us prepare your vehicle for winter. We add fuel STA-BIL® to the gas tank, fog the inside of the engine, grease the suspension and drive shaft, and spray metal protector on all of your metal engine components to fully prepare your vehicle for winter.

Call us or stop in to schedule your winterization service before the first snowfall!

ATV & Side By Side Winterization

Is your ATV or Side by Side ready for winter use? Come by Smith Brothers Powersports to winterize your ride!